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Install AsicTo Firmware :

We provide an awesome and powerful software to install
  • Our Software name is : AsicTo Toolkit
You can install Our Firmware by our Toolkit without any SD card or Flash Memory. You don’t need to download different firmware files to install our Firmware on different miner models and spending times to find the correct firmware file , our Toolkit has all firmware’s inside itself . You can install on any model and any number of miners at same time . You can bulk config and change setting of any number of miners by our Toolkit . You can use our software to monitor your miners .
Our Toolkit detects the miner model itself automatically .
  • Features :  
  1. Bulk / Mass Install on all x19 and x21 models at same time
  2. No need any SD card or Flash memory to install our Firmware 
  3. Bulk config and change setting 
  4. Monitoring Miners
  5. Detect miner model automatically 
You can download our great and powerful software at this link :

Update to the latest version of AsicTo Firmware
We provide an awesome software to update to the latest version .
  • Our Software name is : AsicTo Online Updater .
You don’t need to download any firmware files or spend time to find them , or if you have couple of miners , you don’t need to update them one by one and get update files for them . Our powerful and great software can DO everything you need . It detects all miner model automatically and can update all your miners at same time , it doesn’t matter what model they are or how many they are , it updates all of them just by pressing ” ONE ‘ click.
  • Features : 
  1. Bulk/Mass Updates
  2. Fast Speed 
  3. Optimized for low Speed connections
  4. Able to select which version you want 
  5. Able to Update all/different models at same time
You can download our great and powerful software at this link :

– Features of our Firmware
  • Overclocking: over 390th/s with S21 Series and 280th/s S19 Series! 
  • Free: Download and begin using immediately.
  • ASICboost and autotuning: On all of our versions include auto tuning frequency to get the best efficiency as well as utilizing ASICboost.
  • Decrease Hardware Errors.
  • Immersion-ready/Fan Disable: Support for high-efficiency liquid immersion cooling by disabling the fan in the settings.
  • Lower Thermal Threshold: Lowers default overheat protection to ensure machines last longer.
  • Full-farm deployment: Send out a configuration file to an unlimited number of miners on the same network. No reboot required!
  • Power monitoring: Built-in wattmeter function.
  • Find Other Asic on the network.
  • Ability to mass change passwords and ssh port.
  • Multi-ASIC roll-out: Setup one machine and install it on all of them with just 1 click.
  • Free – Small 2.8% fee to keep the project going.
  • Supports popular ASICs: Support for all Antminer S21 , T21 , S21 Hydro , S21 Pro , S19-76, S19-88, S19-126, S19a, S19a pro, S19j, S19jpro, S19jpro-plus, S19j, S19jpro, S19jpro-plus, S19pro, S19k, S19K pro, S19pro-a, S19i ,S19a-pro, S19jpro-a, S19 plus, T19, S19XP, S19 hydro, T19 hdyro, S19 pro hydro, S19 pro plus hydro, S19XP hydro and L7 .
  • Stable: Automated voltage tuning for best hashboard stability and performance.
  • Sleep Mode: Mining can stop and fans drop to normal speed using very little power.
  • Asic Virus Scanner: Tool that checks pre-owned asics for night switcher and other variants.
  • Easy Uninstallation.
  • Separated Firmware Files :

If you need AsicTo firmware files as separated , you can download them at this link :

  • Unlock SD Recovery Firmwares

ATTENTION: If you have BITMAIN firmware from March 2024 and older, you need to Download unlock files for your model and type of control board and read the manual for installing the VNISH firmware.    

  • AsicTo Firmware Changelogs :


 – Update Version 1.2.6 – Alpha 3

  • 📢 New Additions:
  1.  Added support for submodel (BHB68603-) of Antminer S21
  2.  Added lower preset for Antminer S19a and Antminer S19XP
  3.  Added the ability to edit tuned presets
  • 🚦 Changes:
  1.  Logs are not saved after reboot on Cvitek
  2.  Changed the name of the diagnostic reports and fixed double archiving
  3.  Increased the maximum speed of fan coolers to 90% for preset raising. Now if the speed is less than 90%, the preset will raise it
  4.  Improved handling of pools
  5.  Enhanced miner stability
  6.  Fixed dashboard layout
  7.  UI/UX changes
  • 🐞 Bug Fixes:
  1.  Fixed the pause when switching presets
  2.  Fixed parse EEprom’s for Antminer L7
  3.  Fixed AML sd update

 – Update Version 1.2.6 – Alpha 2

  • 📢 New Additions:
  1.  Added support for submodels BHB68606 and BHB68603P of Antminer S21
  2.  Dump EEPROM’s in case of decoding error
  • 🚦 Changes:
  1.  Minimum speed of coolers during pause reduced to 0% (for known models that can stop at 0 – Nidec)
  2.  Changed RISE to 85°C and DECREASE temp to 90°C
  3.  Made UI/UX fixes
  • 🐞 Bug Fixes:
  1.  Fixed error of setting frequencies at low ambient temperature
  2.  Fixed preset change during decrease to working voltages

– Update Version 1.2.6 – Alpha 1

  • 📢 New Additions:
  1. Added submodel support for Antminer T21(BHB68701-)
  • 🚦 Changes:
  1. Changed flag `Resume mining after reboot` now in order to restore mining this item must be enabled 
  2. Implemented quick pause of the miner during initialization
  3. Updated miner diagreport
  4. Improved work with pools
  5. Made UI/UX fixes
  • 🐞 Bug Fixes:
  1. Resolved issue with displaying stock information by chains
  • 💻 API Changes:
  1. Added ‘has_pics’ field in factory-info
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