If you own a mining farm or have a large number of S19 or T19 500+ contact marc@asic.to to hear about our partnership program and save on fees!



  • Overclocking: over 220th/s with S19 pro and 135th/s S19! 
  • Free: Download and begin using immediately.
  • ASICboost and autotuning: On all of our versions include auto tuning frequency to get the best efficiency as well as utilizing ASICboost.
  • Decrease Hardware Errors.
  • Immersion-ready/Fan Disable: Support for high-efficiency liquid immersion cooling by disabling the fan in the settings.
  • Lower Thermal Threshold: Lowers default overheat protection to ensure machines last longer.
  • Full-farm deployment: Send out a configuration file to an unlimited number of miners on the same network. No reboot required!
  • Power monitoring: Built-in wattmeter function.
  • Find Other Asic on the network.
  • Ability to mass change passwords and ssh port.
  • Multi-ASIC roll-out: Setup one machine and install it on all of them with just 1 click.
  • Free – Small 2.8% fee to keep the project going.
  • Supports popular ASICs: Support for all Antminer S19, S19 Pro, S19a, S19a pro, S19j, S19j Pro, and T19
  • Stable: Automated voltage tuning for best hashboard stability and performance.
  • Sleep Mode: Mining can stop and fans drop to normal speed using very little power.
  • Asic Virus Scanner: Tool that checks pre-owned asics for night switcher and other variants.
  • Easy Uninstallation.

v1.1.11 release notes


– Ability to disable interface animation

  (This will be useful if you use remote desktop applications such as AnyDesk or Teamviewer)

– Panel “quick” settings have been added

– More convenient tuning of frequencies for chips and domains (Auto-Tune is being worked on right now)

– Fixed interface operation when accessed via https://

– Improved support for mobile devices (Scaling issues resolved as well)

– Fixed bugs leading to share rejection and reduced hashrate on the pool

– Antminer S19+ support

– Antminer S19i support

– Support for Antminer S19 (with 88 chips)

– Antminer S19 Pro A support

– Antminer S19j Pro A support

– Support for new models of power supplies

– Support for various hash board modifications Bitmain made

– Fixed bugs leading to a restart of the miner

– Improved polling of temperature sensors and chips

– Support for the pause / resume function has been extended to the entire series of firmware


Currently supported:

S19, T19, S19 (88), S19 A, S19i, S19j, S19j BB, S19 Pro,

S19a Pro, S19j Pro, S19j Pro BB, S19j Pro A BB, S19+, S19 Pro A