SSH Unlock & Signature Check Removal

After some of the more recent updates, Bitmain© has decided to lock us miners out of our own hardware. We have released instructions to restore SSH to allow us to take back our miners and modify them as we deem fit.

Downgrade if on latest firmware/ SD card method

If you are running the November or later firmware for the S17 or the December or later firmware for the T17 you must downgrade your machine. The downgrade requires you flashing the machines via micro-SD card and using the image which can be downloaded below. Instructions found here. Once you are running the MP-Test firmware you can upgrade to our firmware.

Unlock if On Older Firmware – Windows

  1. Download
  2. Edit Settings to matches your network setup. The screengrab below would scan all machines in the last octet of
  3. Click the unlock button for the machine types you are unlocking.
  4. Wait 2-3 Minutes for the machines to reboot from unlocking.
  5. Press Remove Signature
  6. Congrats you now have ssh root:admin and signature check removed!

Tip: For bulk flashing firmware use BTCTOOLDownload and flash our firmware.